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beginners small dishes

Miso Shiru

Miso soup w/ mixed mushrooms


Marinated octopus w/ wasabi stem

Watami Green Salad

Salad mix w/ avocado 

Goma Wakame

Seaweed salad w/ sesame


Steamed soybean w/ sea salt

Chicken Karaage

Deep fried soy sauce marinated chicken

Deep Fried Tako Yaki

Deep fried octopus bits w/ radish

Assorted Tempura 

Deep fried mix vegetables & shrimp


Shrimp Tempura

Deep fried shrimp


Buta Shioyaki

Grilled pork cheek w/ yuzu pepper


Grilled miso black cod (1pc)

Chicken Yakitori

Grilled skewered chicken

Gyoza Soup

Shrimp & pork dumpling w/ fresh homemade soup















please call for weekly special

Shiro Maguro Carpaccio

Seared albacore tuna sashimi w/ ponzo & scallion

Salmon Carpaccio

Seared salmon sashimi w/ ponzo & scallion

Sashimi Selection

9pc chef’s selection of sashimi





please call for weekly special

Nigiri Selection

4pc assorted sushi

Nigiri Set

8pc chef’s selection of sushi w/ tuna toro maki

Salmon Oshizushi

Blow torched Atlantic salmon pressed sushi

Saba Oshizushi

Blow torched cured mackerel pressed sushi






fresh rolls, quantity varies

Rice Paper Roll

Spicy salmon, avocado, crab, shrimp tempura & lettuce


Jade Roll

Crab, avocado, tobiko & salmon wrapped w/ cucumber


Futo Maki

Avocado, cucumber, yellow radish, yam tempura, dried silk ground & bean curd


Mango Tango Roll

Avocado, cucumber wrapped w/ fresh mango


Ginger Wasabi Roll

Ginger, wasabi, cucumber and tobiko wrapped w/ salmon

Ice & Fire Roll

Shrimp tempura & crab topped w/ medium spicy baked red snapper

Baked Scallop Roll

Seared scallop w/ creamy mayo & mushrooms

Salmon Crunch Roll

Deep fried roll w/ crab meat, salmon, tobiko & spicy mayo

Watami on King Roll

Assorted raw fish w/ mayo, crab meat & tobiko

Las Vegas Roll

Deep fried roll w/ avocado, cream cheese, crab meat & assorted fish














served with miso soup & salad

Una Don

Blow torched BBQ eel over mixed rice w/ sweet soy

Salmon Don

Chef marinated salmon w/ ikura over mixed rice

Katsu Don

Deep fried pork cutlet w/ dashi-based sauce over mixed rice

Oyako Don

Chicken & egg simmered w/ dashi-based sauce over mixed rice

Chicken Katsu

Deep fried chicken w/ mix vegetables, mixed rice & katsu sauce on the side

Fish Bowl

Assorted fresh sashimi over sushi rice

Stir Fry Vegetables Set

Stir fried vegetables w/ tofu and served w/ mixed rice

Shioyaki Set

Grilled sea salt Atlantic salmon and chicken served w/ mix vegetables, mixed rice & homemade sauce on side

Seafood Yakimeshi

Scallop, shrimp, calamari made w/ sauce over fried mixed rice

Yaki Udon

Stir fried udon w/ mix vegetables – add chicken ($4), seafood ($7)

Soup Udon

Soup udon w/ mix vegetables – add chicken ($4), tonkatsu ($4), seafood ($7)


dessert included













Grilled Salmon or Chicken

w/ choice of mixed rice or maki roll



 14 King Street North

Waterloo, ON

N2J 2W7


TEL: 519 954 8899


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Thursday: 12pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Sunday: 12pm - 9pm

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